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Suzanne McMorris

Suzanne McMorris

Education: Ph.D - Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. MSW - Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Professional Experience: Teaching BSW and MSW curricula (25+ years), Clinical practice in behavioral health services (10 years)
Interests: Application of program evaluation and survey research to implementation of improvements in NC behavioral health services. My first project will survey current and former staff members of behavioral health agencies to measure worker satisfaction and burnout rates. My ultimate goal is to recommend programmatic and professional education changes in order to streamline the process of credentialing staff and to prepare them more appropriately for working in the system.

David Serxner

David Serxner: Photo by Chuck Samuels, NCSU Libraries

Education: MA in Public History (Museum Studies) from North Carolina State University
Bio: David Serxner is a 20 year employee of North Carolina State University in the Libraries. He holds the MA in Public History (Museum Studies) from North Carolina State University. David served as the Volunteer Coordinator for Education and Programming at Historic Hope Plantation where he created their Living History program. He has given presentations at conferences around North Carolina and the southeastern United States about women's education in early North Carolina, interpreting and educating about the topic of slavery for elementary school age children, and his continued research on the life and political career of David Stone. David is an active reenactor, concentrating mainly on foodways and food history. He is developing a child-focused cooking program designed to work with young reenactors. David is a part of Wooden Ram Cookery, based in Cooleme, NC. Professional memberships include: AAM, AL-FAM, AALSH, and the North Carolina Museum Council.

Michael R. Worthington

David Serxner: Photo by Chuck Samuels, NCSU Libraries

Education: Undergraduate degree in Information Systems, M.S in Business Administration
Professional Experience: Teaching in college (30 years). Retired CPA, and taught accounting, management and technical writing
Bio: Michael R. Worthington retired after teaching college for 30 years. He is a former CPA (retired), and taught accounting, management and technical writing. His undergraduate degree is in Information Systems, his masters is in Business Administration, and he has earned over 60 additional graduate hours in the subjects of accounting and information systems. He has presented at numerous national conferences on the educational uses of technology. During his university career, he also served as a data analyst on numerous research projects. Today he publishes books with his latest title: "How to Prepare Pro Forma Financial Statements."

Norman L. Peters

Professional Experience: Master Teacher at the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Environment Division’s Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Program for the Fishing and River Use category. Four year program to teach apprentices the past practices and living off the river by our people before the St. Lawrence Seaway
Interests: Open water diving, I have sport and commercial diving equipment. NAUI certification since 1992. Attended several water rescue and dive rescue courses. Fishing and spearing, have used gill nets and seine nets to gather fish. Like to trap and hunt, have not lately. Small engine repair of outboards, lawnmowers, chainsaws, etc. Recently began collecting wood working tools with hopes to build a shop soon.

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