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Albemarle Eco-Heritage Theater Camp

Journey to Freedom on the Pasquotank

Create shadow puppets and a play by discovering fascinating stories and characters from old newspaper advertisements about runaways’ journeys through waterways, wetlands and swamps of the Pasquotank River. Learn about the stories’ settings among the local flora and fauna of the first river in the country designated as part of the NPS Underground Railroad Network to Freedom. During this series of camp workshops, experience all the excitement of bringing a play to life such as scripting, story boards, scenery, lighting, sound, movement, music, and flora or fauna puppetry characters who tell the story.


The Eco-heritage Play is from conception to performance, that is, shadow puppets, scenery, scripting, story boards, lighting, sounds, movement, music, local history and ecology investigations.

The Camp team is seeking grade levels 4-5 who are interested in any of the following: performance, art, music, singing, creative dance, writing, poetry, local history, archaeology, living systems, and environmental studies.

Please download the following attachments for the enrollment details and directions, such as dates, time, cost, scholarships, enrollment quota, enrollment deadline, and partner locations for the camp.



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Please contact for any queries or the ARIES Coordinator, Anne Garland, 757-357-0431.

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Pasquotank River, Ecology, and the Journey to Freedom

Shadow Puppetry and Artwork of Aaron Douglas

Theater Camp Hosts include: Arts of the Albemarle, Dismal Swamp State Park, Museum of the Albemarle, and Port Discover

Dr. Anne Garland, Student Coordinator and Research Associate

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